List Folder Content


Folder Content Maker Pro

Folder Content Maker is an Easy-to-use software for Win32 platforms. It extract filenames according to its original structure.Main Features: 1. Refined structure 2. Details of all folders 3. Size and date of files 4. Specifical file type filter 5.

List Folder Files Not Added  v.1.2

List Folder Files Not Added is an AppleScript for iTunes that will create a text file listing the file paths of any audio files which are not in the iTunes database.


Twin Folders  v.4.5

Synchronize files between your computers with this easy-to-use utility. It can synchronize and backup/restore your files, access FTP folders and work on timer and/or folder content change event.

Crawler Parental Control

Free for home and office use, Crawler Parental Control controls user activity on your computer. Easy to use, you can control children's or users' Web browsing, set access rights to software, hide folder content, schedule time limits for Internet and

Jitbit Network Sniffer

Jitbit Network Sniffer is exactly what its name says - it is a Network Sniffer tool. It monitors your network traffic and shows the captured IP packets in the list. Packet content can be viewed in text or HEX, and the traffic can be filtered by various

Encrypted Magic Folders  v.07.04.1

Encrypted Magic Folders enables you to hide selected folders, and in addition automatically encrypt the content for additional protection. The folder content is decrypted transparently as you use the files,

Kokla  v.2.2

An encryption tool to help you with your work. Kokla is a simple tool for file encryption and folder content encryption with AES 256. Files can also be hashed with a SHA1 signature. A command line version is available as well as a GUI version.

QuickWayToFolders  v.1.2.8

QuickWayToFolders provides quick folder content access. The four display possibilites are - Desktop : Act like your desktop, with possibility of navigate through subfolders - Small Browser : Act like windows explorer - Menu : Display folder

Folder Manifest  v.1.0.5

Builds a text list of file/folder contents, with only a few formatting options.

Automatically Log Files In Folder Over Time Software  v.7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to automatically log folder filenames, size and modified date at specified intervals.

A-PDF Content Splitter Service  v.3.0

A-PDF Content Splitter Service is a windows service program which is running in the background. The service monitors folders you specified. As PDF files copied or created in the folders, their will be splitted into smaller pdf files based on location

Hana Outlook Folder Search  v.0.2

HOFS is a Dot Net Application that will access Microsoft Outlook application interface to help you orgnize emails.

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